Reviews for "Paging Dr. Seuss"

Welp, I know who Im cosplaying as for this years Comic con~

childhood ruiend

With a slish and a slash I will create a review!

But to do that I must at least not give even one clue!

The actor was crazy that much is true, but at least the music wasn't to blame for you!

Hahaha, very nice, enjoyed it, animation was fluid, seemed like I was flying through a Dr. Seuss book in motion. Giving you a full ten! Well earned!

HEY I FOUND A NEW VILLIAN FOR A GAME: DR. CAT IN THE HAT!!!!! I got to admit this was a bit creepy. But hey, at least there was some humor in this as well. It was really good animation. But I got to say. The ending was a bit unoriginal as it almost looked like a game over screen from Batman: Arkham Asylum. ANd thats alright. I thought it was done well.

ummm...wow...that all i can say