Reviews for "Paging Dr. Seuss"

that was quite freaky i shuld say but nevertheless good animatin and what happened to the cat in the hat he seemed to b crazed with that serial killer feeling i guess it was suppised to b like that eh....well gus work look 4wd to more

Easter egg ftw

The whole thing was great but I gotta say that easter egg added to it considerably lol. Not that I wasn't laughing through the whole thing, it's just that easter egg brought out a different kind of laughing.... I little less sadistic lol...

ill BE...dare i say....

doctor seuss mind ran away....

the cat in the hat

reminds me of fucking blockhead...

Okay... WTF!!!

Can you tell me what is anme of that thing with a hat?

CatFat responds:

The Cat in The Hat