Reviews for "Paging Dr. Seuss"

Oh my...

I must say, Never thought I would be Alive to See the Cat with a Hat acting Psycho! And this one Worth an Oscar! Seriously! You really ruinned one of the most innocent characters of all times, AND I LOVED IT! Keep the awesome word, Gentleman!

Just Awesome

I enjoy the dark side of animation, and this definitely speaks to that. Excellent job, this masterpiece has been added to my favorites.

Super awesome but freaky

Cool animation style and it did make me laugh... until he went insane, but it was still good!

At first I was all like :D, but then I was all like D:

i normally wouldn't complain about this, but . . .

the audio could've been. better. this normally wouldnt be much of a problem for me, considering that i understand you were probably the only one around. but the flash was just so awesome i can totally see this video/series going far if you got some fun voice actors.

either way, awesome idea, made my day . . . even though it's like 1AM and my day kinda just started


This has... really ... ruined my childhood memories... Dr Seuss was my favourite ... ... ... -5 for that ... ... ... ... It was good though ... ... I'm ... Worried about you now . . . . . . Um, the easter egg is the knife... Kfnx.

P.S He is called Dr Seuss not Doctor Seuss, because he spent at least 7 years at university.