Reviews for "Paging Dr. Seuss"

This is amazing!

The fact that this flash is about Dr. Seuss made me want to look at it, but when I saw the video, I was blown away by the akward yet bizarre feeling of the Cat In The Hat. Espacially at then ending! It kinda creeped me out... kinda!

Holy shit!

I always knew Dr. Seuss was evil. I hated that bastard since the day was born.

Verrry Njcccce

Good animation & interesting story but I find the background music a bit distracting

That was...

Disturbing, creepy, a little bit why-would-you-give-him- a-knife-ish. Overall, I loved the horrific spin on the classic childrens writer. Do you know how hard it damn well is to find horror on this website? And then I just stumble on this and it turns out to be horror, so, thanks.


that was pretty awsome, it must have been hard to rhyme all that stuff togeter, or not... its fun making up a bunch of random words