Reviews for "Getting Screwed Over!"


But its not a game at all...... Don't see why this isn't in the movie section instead.


Thanks for the easy badges.


some were pretty fun some sickening but you should add art of a nail gun or even Amish Person making a screw titled"Getting Screwed over"


Well I hope all of this "exposure" is actually going to benefit the charity in some way.

I gave this a bad score and I am neither ignorant nor petty. You claim to be doing this for charity yet you insult people. Not smart. I gave this a bad score because you created a flash for charity that is quickly on it's way to becoming Turd of the Week. If you had filed this in the correct category then it would have done a lot better and you wouldn't look quite so dumb.

I certainly hope that the revenue generated by this game is actually going to go to charity, otherwise you are a sick human being and you are going to go to jail for it. I hope you also filed all of the necessary paperwork, otherwise you'll be going to jail for Tax Evasion. (Yes, any money collected from Newgrounds Revenue Sharing is taxable.)

Its art! not a game...

This is Not a game.... Try submitting on art category would ya next time?.... That 3 i gave you its only for the art....
i was Hoping Better than this....

P.S if you had an a good reason for this stuff to be a game... please answer....