Reviews for "Getting Screwed Over!"

Wrong Category

This should be in the flash section.

ForNoReason responds:

but....but.... it is in the flash section.


But its not a game at all...... Don't see why this isn't in the movie section instead.


Thanks for the easy badges.


some were pretty fun some sickening but you should add art of a nail gun or even Amish Person making a screw titled"Getting Screwed over"


Well I hope all of this "exposure" is actually going to benefit the charity in some way.

I gave this a bad score and I am neither ignorant nor petty. You claim to be doing this for charity yet you insult people. Not smart. I gave this a bad score because you created a flash for charity that is quickly on it's way to becoming Turd of the Week. If you had filed this in the correct category then it would have done a lot better and you wouldn't look quite so dumb.

I certainly hope that the revenue generated by this game is actually going to go to charity, otherwise you are a sick human being and you are going to go to jail for it. I hope you also filed all of the necessary paperwork, otherwise you'll be going to jail for Tax Evasion. (Yes, any money collected from Newgrounds Revenue Sharing is taxable.)