Reviews for "Getting Screwed Over!"


Ill give you guys credit [: It made me laugh so idc if its a game or video ;P Id say slideshow though ;P


ok, using one of the jokes once is fine. finding a new way for a joke is also just fine. but using the same jokes in many ways... nah. and what was the point with the guy with the screw in he's hand? that made no sence. i'll only give it a 2, cause it was a nice try and some of the drawing was pretty good. but dude... you can do so much better than this.


Dont see why people are complaning that this is terrible or not a game , cause clearly this is something interactive and games are too , gosh dumb fuck kids these days , the music was good fit really well with the collab, most of the art was pretty cool.

(Have you seen this medal)

Ok I give up, where do I get the secret medal.


nice plese give on more of these they are awosme