Reviews for "Getting Screwed Over!"

Its art! not a game...

This is Not a game.... Try submitting on art category would ya next time?.... That 3 i gave you its only for the art....
i was Hoping Better than this....

P.S if you had an a good reason for this stuff to be a game... please answer....

Not bad

Some were great, others were idiotic. All in all, it's better than what most people are giving it.


How others can dislike puns, I'll never know.

This isn't a game.

Why is this listed under games. It's a slideshow of artwork. Don't list it here.

In all the artwork is pretty grade-schoolish in most scenes. I tire quickly of puns, and that seems to be the going theme.

Please make a game and submit it to games.


not bad for what it is and some of the pics were funny but i would rather have spent my time outside. but then agian i couldnt have done better.