Reviews for "Getting Screwed Over!"


Aside from the snippy little comment in the Author section, I still feel this is poorly done, even if it were to be in the right section.

Some of the illustrations are horrible, some appear to have been a 5 minute attempt at Microsoft Paint, and some look like a doodle from a five year old. I mean really, lined paper? That doesn't show "hard work" at all.

While I respect your fund raising efforts, I feel that this is not the best way to do it.

Also, you never say what 'charity' the ad revenue is going to. Be more specific, is it a breast cancer thing, is it for Haiti... is it to pay your water bill... come on now. What charity is this going towards?

ForNoReason responds:

Watch the credts.

lol :3

some off the pics where really funny :3

waste of time

Aside from the "not a game" deal this still felt like a very poor submission, it looked rushed, the music was poor and a good 1/2 of the colab pictures looked like a 5 year old drew them.

waste of time.


I think the title is justified. I think that anyone who has watched this feels screwed over. Its not just the fact that this is submitted as a game, whereas it is not by any circumstance. However it is just a collab of crap drawings that look like a 3rd grade autistic child drew. There was the exception of maybe three good pieces. This should not have been designated a game, rather it should have been an interactive flash movie. There is potential for you, but you will need to step it up a bit.

clearing things up

to all you retards saying 'oh its not a game!', it was classified as a game because it has an actionscript, which allows you to press buttons to browse through the pics, instead of just sitting back and watching a vid.