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Reviews for "Vuvu Hero"

Truly Amazing.

It's so UNBEARABLE! <3

skrew gutair hero

This game was very enjoyable. The other versions of rockband like games on the internet suck balls. But the songs were great the game play was easy. Having scoreboards and medals I loved. The songs were amazingly great. The medals are simple and easy to get. This game was just a win all around.

Great game guys

lol i thought this would be annoying, but it's actually fun xD and i got all the medals but the 200 and 300 streaks medals :C i hope we can maybe see a vuvu hero 2? O:

Wow this is so fun!

To tell you the truth i think this is better than rip off guitar hero


Thats fcking awesome ! XD
I have all medals woohoo! :D