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Reviews for "Vuvu Hero"

It's awesome but....

It says I suck at being annoying with the Vuvuzela..... Is that good or bad?


OMG that is so funny. Anyone who watched the FIFA world cup with the sound on knows exactly what you're making fun of.

That's AWESOME! The Vuvu completely ruined any enjoyment of the world cup... and made going into any bar playing it torture.

I love how playing it makes the annoying meter go up. That's awesome. And that there's only one button that ruins any song. Awesome. You've pegged everything there is to know about the Vuvu.

Not sure why you insist we have the absolute latest version of flash... but meh. I need to get it updated every few years anyways.

hahaha great game

3 of my favorite artists tributed to this game

Rubberross did all the animation (you did did'nt you ?)
Egoraptor did the announcer
and Tomamoto blew the vuvuzela (or whatever the hell that thing is called)


I love how the fail meter is backwards.


I really love what you guys done its freakin fun an funny