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Reviews for "Vuvu Hero"

im suck...

i suck at ddr, gh1,2,3,metallica,rolling stones.

i suck at this one 2, and there is only 1 key to press :(

good game xD

It's the buzzer!

training option? are u kidding right?! lmao. the far I got was the vuvuzilla 50x, how about u guys?

Best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that last song splatterd my brains and the vuvu hero song was crazy i will play this game until my eyes and ears BLEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This Game it awesome it, well done for taking something as annoying as the vevuzela and turning it in to pure EPIC WIN

to the peeps giving low raitings, the kind of people that rate this game a 10 have a sense of humor and appreciate the game for what it is


you 3 couldnt make this game bad if you tryed