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Reviews for "Three Robot Stories"

ok so....

i revewed it again and just for the start i,ll give you a 5.we cool?

Lare responds:

We sub-zero.

this was soo bad i give you MY 10


Lare responds:

I deserved it.


I liked the intro with the vintage computer graphics on how you get to choose your flash between the three but honestly that is about as good as it gets cause the three flashes weren't that good due to the poor graphics and really lacked in humor,overall this was kind of a let down but hey it's something for Robot Day 2010. =\

Lare responds:

And we all lived happily ever after.


I liked te part with the black guy.

Lare responds:

Wait... What?


well two are just a looping pile of crap, and the other one was a really long pile of eye rapage.

Lare responds:

Lol, you still gave us 5!