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Reviews for "Three Robot Stories"


It is worth nothing that earlier today all users who have previously reviewed this flash tied me up and forced me to suck their dicks in turn whilst they dressed in ladies clothing. I think you should disregard their opinions.

Lare responds:

Current score: 2.40.


Sorry I couldn't make a part

Great collab!

Lare responds:

I trusted you, man, and you let me down!


I liked te part with the black guy.

Lare responds:

Wait... What?

this was soo bad i give you MY 10


Lare responds:

I deserved it.

Lol, political discussion.

Funny - securing a dial-up connection.

But yeah that was interesting.. but seems like a whole lot of flash without the actual movie.

Lare responds:

And that's exatcly what it is!