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Reviews for "Three Robot Stories"

umm... WikkiXS... never mind.

don't take anything that I type as offensive, I only want to improve your next flash submition. I didn't care for any of the audio and all the drawings were 5 second loops. I will offer some advice for the robot dance, try a more angular quick movements and loop it after about 25 seconds. The robot political discussion was o.k. but the robot sex was very distasteful, I didn't like one bit of that and I don't want to help with that.

Lare responds:

Don't be so shallow. There's a deeper meaning to all of this.

one word...


Lare responds:

Two words: Useless review.

Lol, political discussion.

Funny - securing a dial-up connection.

But yeah that was interesting.. but seems like a whole lot of flash without the actual movie.

Lare responds:

And that's exatcly what it is!

Pretty bad

ROBOT_DISCUSSION.exe made me laugh a little. The whole intro thing was pretty good. Rather pointless/poor overall.

Lare responds:

Whatever, baby!