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Reviews for "Three Robot Stories"

Sorry I couldn't make a part

Great collab!

Lare responds:

I trusted you, man, and you let me down!


Best bit was the robot discussion. Sorry for low score, but I think a little more effort is needed for the higher numbers.

Lare responds:

MORE EFFORT!? We didn't eat, sleep or have any connections to the outside world for four days to complete this in time for the Robot Day!


It is worth nothing that earlier today all users who have previously reviewed this flash tied me up and forced me to suck their dicks in turn whilst they dressed in ladies clothing. I think you should disregard their opinions.

Lare responds:

Current score: 2.40.


You did not put any effort into this. At all.

I can't give any criticism other than this; Put some god damn effort into your next flash. Or better yet, cease making flashes altogether, since you obviously have the mindset of a 9 year old who just discovered porn, giggling at these retarded ideas. The last one was the worst. Just some robots having "sex"? Do you really expect me to laugh at that?

I agree with the users below me that you're better off not making anything. This, if anything, made even more people laugh at you.

I can't believe that this piece of shit still has a score!

Lare responds:

Oh my god. I've gotten some bad reviewes before, but this is definetly he worst. Please leave the internet alone, you angry little idiot.

In all honesty

You would of been better off sumiting nothing. It would of saved you the embarrassment of showing you put no effort in your work. Even if it was a half a day thing it would of been better if you actuly paid attention to what you were doing.

Lare responds:

Oh lawdy.

And just for the record, this took a HUGE amount of effort.