Reviews for "Moovlin PC"

Great game! (I know most rewiews begins like that)

Hope this game goes uprated in Robot day!
Great contents, this is awesome!
5/5 10/10

Really good game but...

...i want subtitles! If you aren't english or american is really difficult too follow the story when the dialogues became too fast, anyway great game.

Psychofig responds:

I might add some later, I just didn't have the time. It looks like an easy task since the dialogue is simple, but it is sort of hard with all the pauses and what not.


Great Game By The Way

The Cutscenes

I wish there was a way to skip the cut scenes. I just want to play the game. The controls aren't responsive enough for such a fast paced game. Overall, it was alright. I got bored after the second stage.

Strangely underrated

You put two years of your life into making this game, and I personally think it's wonderful! It's fun to play, from the little I've played so far. But I plan to go back and try to get all the medals. The controls are nice and responsive and they're almost fun in themselves to use.

The voice acting isn't the best, but it's funny at times and the cut-scenes provide a good source of entertainment. The graphics, like you said, aren't the best. But that's not really what matters here. They're good enough, and not overwhelming.

I'm disappointed to see the negative reviews you're getting. Your game certainly doesn't deserve it, and I don't think people can truly appreciate what you did here. I mean... 7/10? Pshhh, what's that?