Reviews for "Every day the same dream"

This game is really great. I'm not sure how to interpret it, though I do have some ideas. (SPOILER ALERT) It could be showing how suicide is kind of a selfish thing. Assuming you save killing yourself for the last "dream", then when you wake up you realize the little things in your "boring life" disappear, like your wife, the woman in the elevator, your boss, the workers... You never really had much thought for them before, but once they were gone, your day felt incomplete.

It could just be a poke at how our lives are boring and repetitive, but I feel it has more meaning than that. It could show how our insatiable craving for something more or different can get the better of us, and make us lose everything we had to begin with.

The really confusing part though (SUPER SPOILER ALERT!) was seeing the person who resembled you jump off. I'm not sure what that means... Trying to catch yourself and fix your mistakes? Maybe it was just another worker who jumped off and you started a trend of suicide in you dream? When you killed yourself (if we're following the logic of the real world, which I'm not sure this is) it must have been in a dream, as you wake up again the next day. But your dreams cause things to disappear. This entire game could just be a dream within a dream within a dream and so on until you reach the reality of you being alone with no one, except a person jumping off a balcony like you did in your dream...

I'm having trouble figuring out what exactly this dream is trying to show us, but it's definitely showing us SOMETHING. This game definitely deserves more recognition. It reminded me a lot of the other flash game 'Loved' by Alexander Ocias, in the way it made you ponder about your own life/the ways of humanity, but I had a much easier time interpreting 'Loved" than this. It'll take a while for my to get everything out of this game, and that's what artsy/experimental games should do.

Excellent job, this is a beautiful game.

Wooow , the end guys , holy shit the end !
That was simply beautiful !

This really makes you think about the lifestyle that you chose. Everything is the same but the results are different in each "dream". The color and artwork is nice and simple. The music fits the game well. The ending was very meaningful and sad. I have never played a game like this before. You did a wonderful job.

I... I think I won.

The american dream :)