Reviews for "Every day the same dream"

Interesting, to say the least, though I can certainly see why this art game seems to get more scorn, mocking and parody than any other on this site... the deliberately repetitive gameplay and dull graphics.

While I like the overall message of your game, that is, the importance of seeing things beyond the routine of work, home, bed, the suicide theme makes me question what, exactly, you advocate.

I suppose I have to see the suicide as symbolic, rather than literal. The worker destroys his old self in order to discover his new self... really, not that complicated, now that I think about it.

AMAZING although i went through like 16 normal days before i knew i could go left I also really wish that there could be more the second time i played it was like 5 mins but other then that I loved it

Wow. That was amazing. I finally beat the game and it really made me think on some things...

Wow, i love it. Really deep, took me a while to figure out how to finish, but nonetheless amazing.
Makes me think about how we are so used to live in the same repetitive routine, and how we never get to experience new things. Gives u a lot to think about

This is fucking amazing. I lived through several days with no knowledge of what to do. About my fifth day, I finally figured out I could go left instead of right and talked to the hobo. He brought me to the graveyard. Then, I did another normal day. Only when I got to the workplace, the chart was further along. I literally jumped at the sight of a red line all because of how this made me feel while I was playing.