Reviews for "Every day the same dream"


You didn't enjoy it because one, you're stupid, and two, you played it wrong.


I really liked this. The art style and music went great together and with the message I think you were trying to get across. I couldn't stop until I finished the game; it really drew me in, especially seeing how death didn't even stop it. I just felt like I had to find the solution, and while the game prompts a bit of sadness, I enjoyed it a lot.


Beautiful work man, like a bizarre, twisted meal for my brain. Great to see people working outside the box. Loved it's simplicity and the way it all came together - great soundtrack too. Hope to see more of your work, peace!

what are the 5 steps

got homeless, got go to work in underware,killed my self

makes me feel better about being unemployed

thought the game was very interesting.