Reviews for "Every day the same dream"

Wanderful. It makes us think.

It's a game very easy what I want to do the hardest

This game actually made me thought past my capacity, wow. I like games such as this, not much gameplay or complicated controls/levels, simple graphics, yet the story of the game is beautiful.

The repetition of the game is intriguing and makes you wonder, "What will happen if I do things differently?" and thus making the game interesting to play. The dull atmosphere fits the theme, too.

And in the ending, once you complete all the 5 steps, your life has changed. Your wife left you, the old woman who you get to see everyday isn't there, the traffic is gone, and the company you work in even went bankrupt. Depressing? Well, if you continue to the roof, you'll see a man similar looking to you who jumps off.

The ending probably symbolizes the old you (who jumped off) has died, and you're a new person. You went through a lot, but in the end, you're strong and courageous and it's like you're reborn.

Simply, this is a beautiful game and this should be one of those games which is praised for the inspiration and message it conveys. 5/5 Stars. :)

Gloomy, dark, and real. Three words that made this game one of my favorites. This game can be different for some reasons; one is that the repetitive routine you do makes it intriguing to see what will happen if I try a different move or choice, and the second is that this game became complex which brings a more mysterious approach to the players. One thing I love about this game is the life lesson. What you do everyday can break you and somehow you'll lose the sense of freedom, you became a puppet for others. But through breaking the ice with your own self you became a new person creating a new life, a strong heart, and a fire that won't burn out.

So simple and perfect. Loved the music and art direction.