Reviews for "Kill Me!"

good game, but...

it's a really good game, but there's some issues:
1)it really needs "rewind death" button. When you've almost reached the end of level and then you accidentally fall on spikes...
ARRGH this drives me crazy.
2)where's EPIC ENDING?!
He just drinks it and that's all?Maaan, that's dull.
so, only 8 out of 10

helping a man commit sui-per-cide is fun

This game reminds me of Karoshi but with a nice twist. Either way good points for creating a novel concept.

Top stuff

Great game. Good gameplay, good puzzles, funny and with a nice amount of originality. Also, it was just the right length! I did use the walkthrough for one level, I guess I'm just impatient. And to the morom who can't find the restart button - "escape". The game does make this clear very early on.

great game

what can i say great game


how many levels? i'm gettin sleepy