Reviews for "Kill Me!"


Addictive - I enjoyed the heck out of it! It's nice to know the puzzle-part of my brain hasn't atrophied!

pretty good game and all but....

good puzzles and all. but WHERE IS THE KICK ASS ENDING!? that was a real let down.

goood game BUT

it's a really good game, but there's some issues:
1)it really needs "rewind death" button. When you've almost reached the end of level and then you accidentally fall on spikes...
ARRGH this drives me crazy.
2)where's EPIC ENDING?!
He just drinks it and that's all?Maaan, that's dull.
so, only 8 out of 10

dmonkoff it's said the truth man
relly need rewind death button:P:P:P

I agree whit the guy below me!

Its just fun 2 help him die, over and over and over and over!

Damn thats Funny Shit :D

Ist too LoL for this World :D