Reviews for "Kill Me!"

Decent, but not my cup of tea.

I do not understand why you can use his corpses if he is unable to die. I keep pondering how there are dead bodies of him, multiplaying, while you control the man alive. It breaks logic when the entire goal of the game is to kill yourself.

This game is average. There are a lot worse, but it could only amuse me for a half hour. I am pondering on suggestions on how to improve it, but these type of games are cliche when they were little fun in the first place. I am refering to the games where each level is a small maze where pushing buttons are depedent on reaching the next level. However . . . it is unfair that I am demoralizing the game simply because it is not my style. Looking at the scores, some people enjoy it muchly. Here are some real suggestions. Try making each level longer; not harder but more exploration. Create "McGuffin" objects to collect. Like how the Mario series strives to gain coins and Sonic the Hedgehog likes rings, perhaps you could think of something for the fat superhero to obtain. Try adding other obsticals to escape like toxin or bullets.

This is what I would personally do but if you like the game you have made, than do not change anything. Your own opinion is what matters. Thank you for reading.

Its ok

Since the superheros name was Invincible Man, I tried walking over the spikes since I thought he would survive. He died and came back to life lol. Great game its was fun.

A certain creativity to the game

There's a certain creativity to the game. Perhaps the graphics could be worked on. But it is different!

Challenging game

But what's up with the corpses in the last level? I mean, when I put a corpse on the one over the nails and then jump on the red button, the corpse kinda drains the lifespan of the one over it. Don't ask me how did I win cause I don't know :P

Invincible where? :O

I actually have to agree with "cheezst8k"...If he is invincible why the deaths in game? There should have been another story for this kind of game...i won´t say its bad not at all but that part of the story needed to be worked on =P

Anyways nice game =)