Reviews for "Mister Rain"

Very nice

Music was lovely, pictures where nice and the game was well made.

Definitely liked the fact that the player can control how the changes are made, adding or removing the differences at their own whim, makes it different to most spot the difference games.

(For people that have not spotted this, the difference will be changed on the picture your mouse cursor is on, for example if the difference is someone has a mustache on one picture and not the other, if you click on the mustache with the cursor it will be removed from both but if you click on the bare face with the cursor it will be added)

It is really good

It's a really fun game

cool little trick

if you cross ur eyes and see the picture in the middle you can easily spot the diffrences cuz the places where the picture doesnt match will kinda overlap eachother. and yea the 3d ting is pretty cool

Nicely done

I liked it, from the music choice to the layout of the game.

What's interesting is that if you cross your eyes, the center picture (the one resulting from the merging of the two pictures) almost appears to be 3-D.

Again, very nicely done. Hoping for a sequel of some sort.

XweaselX responds:

There is a New game soon called Painter that has a great story line and nice music keep your eyes peeled

Interesting design

An interesting design with intellectual challenge.All you need are trophies to add bragging rights..P.S music adds a nice mysterious vibe.