Reviews for "Mister Rain"

Is it me or what?

well..the art is good..but the difference in the game is either too obvious..or too difficult >.<


I loved the art style and the storyline, although I was a bit miffed that I had to go on a different website to continue the game. But overall it was a nice.

And to those who noticed inconsistences, I think most spot-the-difference games do this to try and make it a little 'harder'. They mix things up so that the player won't start to assume things... Or maybe it's just to mess with us. *shrug*

An interesting side effect of the playstyle....

For those (like me) who see inconsistencies....

What is changed in the image depends on what you click on. Say, the difference is the man's bald head and a head full of hair. If you click on the bald head with your mouse, it changes to a full head of hair. If you click on the full head of hair with your mouse, it changes to a bald head. That's pretty much the only gripe I have about the game, but it does make for interesting, unintended picture customization.

Nice game.

I found it to be way too easy for me unfortunately, so I really didn't have much fun completing it.

I see what ya did there!

Hah, if you play through more than once, you'll notice the differences change :P very clever.

The only thing I'll slam this for really is the inconsistency of storyline... for instance one minute mr.rain isn't wearing a red handkerchief round his neck and then he is... then he's not again...

Also sadly the music was great... suited very well... but a little too short.. if it only went on to feel less looped.

Well done =) Very good game.