Reviews for "Mister Rain"

it was nice

except sometimes I noticed that some little detail were inconsistent. Like the rain guy was not supposed to have a mustache at first but then in all of the later levels he had a mustache. Or that fat guy, he was supposed to have hair the whole time but in the last picture with him he was bald. But anyway it wasnt to hard and it wasnt to easy, just right.


beautiful artwork and and the perfect music for it. this really put me at ease.

Very well done my friend

....proffesional,..great artwork and no stupid stuff. Just a very well done puzzler. Great work.

XweaselX responds:

Thanks Very much the guys at garbuz are really good artists


I was having a hard time looking for the differences, until I realized it was so much easier if you cross your eyes. Suddenly every single difference becomes clear!

Good graphics and history for such a simple game. Good work

XweaselX responds: