Reviews for "Mister Rain"


If you're going to have the game cut off and force me to continue on your website, why even keep track of my score?

I am disgusted at this tactic and I hope you guys learn how to behave properly in the future concerning uploading "baiting" games on other people's websites.

Other than that I guess the pictures are kind of pretty but there's nothing new to see here, plus the story doesn't have a solid enough path of logic for me to actually understand what is going on.

Really compelling.

Allthough I don't usually like spot-a-difference games, I played this one through because of the story and the graphics.

past the time well

was pretty decent and had me stomped a few times...

but if u click outside the game to pause, the hint button continues to countdown and ur score stays paused... so its like infinite hints


I liked the game but you should be able to pause the game from inside as well as save progress


I like the artwork, can't rate the music cause I had to play on mute. However, how can you expect one to play a spot the difference, and not even be consistent in the artwork!? for instance, twice we remove his mustache, only to find that later he has one, once we give him a ring, later he's not wearing it, once we give the cheater hair, later he's bald again, once we give the girl sleeves to her dress, later she has none. multiple times we change the colors of things, such as bands around hats, only to find that later they are different!