Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Memoirs of a Hero"

Great Noble Song

As always, you have really good songs, this one is no exeption. This one has a great sound to it. The music is great and really can be used in a couple movies.


I'm glad SC Guitar Maniac Dx 2 was made so I got to hear your music, it is awesome. Pretty standard but extremely beautiful chord progression with the piano and the nylon string guitar. Nice all around, I can't think of anything bad to say except it's short.

Evil-Dog responds:

a bit short eh? My inspiration don't last very long sadly! I can never compose 5-7 minutes pieces


Not perfect but damn close...
you really know where to place every little detail.
i recon you should go make music for fps games...
your style is so varied that at one point you could work on Half-life and then another COD4 or some other war based game
Fluffy the demented pancake =D

It's ok

Not the usual kind of music... so, I wasn't expecting...

Vote: 4/5


Like epic...

but not epic... xD

nice song, ithas a touch of epic!