Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Memoirs of a Hero"

Dramatic and over-powering.

Everytime you make a new piece of music, it always amazes me. You make great punk music, excellent ambient music; what else can you do? True, you do take a long time to make music but it is worth the wait and with "Chuck's Nation" it is understandable. It's amazing how much one person can do and with publicity and what not, I am sure that you will make it big one day. Just keep programming and making music. You have the life style set for you!

Evil-Dog responds:

What else? I can kick your ass for voting me down! that I can do haha...bastard.
I'll keep doing stuff, it's just what I do :) peace

Simply beautiful

there is no reason that this song should not be rated 5/5. Its remarkable! Brilliantly ocmposed and *to me* flawless!! The only reason i gave is originality a 9 is becasue i thought i heard the "trance sparkle" pattern in the piano. All in all tho, Awesome work! 5/5 from me!!

Evil-Dog responds:

Thanks :) nice comment! there's one flaw, not enough bass in it.


Pretty awesome, but you do better at heavy metal

Evil-Dog responds:

That's subjective :)

just plain freaking awesome

what more is there to say?

Evil-Dog responds:

thanks :)

Awesomely beautiful

Emotional and fun, an interesting combo, but great!