Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Memoirs of a Hero"


... a new ambient song from ya, mate!

This was awsome, it felt a little more like out of a movie then the rest of your ambient stuff. Could e the vividd piano, the guitar and some other samples that didnt bring that "fantasy" feel most of your other ambient songs have. However, i loved it, it´s a clear five, of course!

Hope ya make more stuff like this man, it would be cool to see you a lil more active again :)
take care!

i think i can describe this like "holy"


Evil-Dog responds:

Haha thanks
thanks for all the other reviews too.

all hail

I think I reviewed Switch vs. Evil round 2, but if I didn't, then I say this: Welcome back to newgrounds. It's always a pleasure to here the music you create. The ambient music is really awseome. This track and blessing our my favorites. kingdom of monks pt 1 and 2 are really good. Same goes for Ice cavern.

I checked out Chuck's Nation on pure volume, because I can't read french. Man...., the music really needs work. Work like you would not belive.

Sweet, man! Rock on!

Evil-Dog responds:

Cool glad you liked it :)

Dramatic and over-powering.

Everytime you make a new piece of music, it always amazes me. You make great punk music, excellent ambient music; what else can you do? True, you do take a long time to make music but it is worth the wait and with "Chuck's Nation" it is understandable. It's amazing how much one person can do and with publicity and what not, I am sure that you will make it big one day. Just keep programming and making music. You have the life style set for you!

Evil-Dog responds:

What else? I can kick your ass for voting me down! that I can do haha...bastard.
I'll keep doing stuff, it's just what I do :) peace


the ambient master rises again! =P

you'd better not stop here, or i'll come to your house and beat you with a wet noodle. =P

good song. =)

Evil-Dog responds:

Not a wet noodle!! ...please! :(
I'll try to make more ambient music regularly...but the problem is inspirational
thanks for the review :)