Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Memoirs of a Hero"

all hail

I think I reviewed Switch vs. Evil round 2, but if I didn't, then I say this: Welcome back to newgrounds. It's always a pleasure to here the music you create. The ambient music is really awseome. This track and blessing our my favorites. kingdom of monks pt 1 and 2 are really good. Same goes for Ice cavern.

I checked out Chuck's Nation on pure volume, because I can't read french. Man...., the music really needs work. Work like you would not belive.

Sweet, man! Rock on!

Evil-Dog responds:

Cool glad you liked it :)

Man you are the best audio artist on newgrounds...

Everything you make sounds fucking great, how do you become a great ambient music creator, punk, metal, and even classical ( :D ) ? Please make another song like "Changes" though! Through all these great songs you have posted I think that Changes was by frar the greatest thing I have ever heard. Great Job again dude!

Evil-Dog responds:

I'm not the best, I guess I get good inspiration sometimes hehehe
thanks for the nice comment


you have awesome talent!

Evil-Dog responds:

thanks man...epic is an adjective I like! :)

i like it

i like it it is very dramatic, as BostonMets23 say...it really feel so peaceful and cool keep the good work. you rock!!


Its almost feels like you had an idea for the song and used bits from every genre you had to to get it done, and no one could argue with the stunning results.
Beautiful work