Reviews for "TinyRPG"

Beat it!

Pretty fun, and despite what you said, the ending didn't let me down.

LunaDrift responds:

did you get there?

no proof so you are the unofficial first.

Time Killer

It's definetly a very nice game.

But there is a bug in it.
I've saved because I had to go. and when i've loaded the game and played on the monsters colitted suicide when i come in sight.

Good, just fix the load game.

It's a decent game. I can't seem to load my save though. Once that is fixed I don't think I have any real complaints.

Good for a 14 days game.

Loved the ending. I didn't expect this one lol!

Some glitch involving mostly the bats who flies sometime over the trees. That is a problem when the gold get stuck on it.

When i used the magic sword and rerun the game because my character got stuck on a tree, i had only to click once in a while and all the monsters died before i met them. I don't know if that was the purpose but them seems to run from me so... fortunately it was only almost at the end of the game so i had my share of fun.

In all, for a 14 days game, i liked it!


I love how simple it is, but because of how fast the camera moves, it's near impossible to keep clicking an enemy - please make an attack button instead of clicking.

LunaDrift responds:

yeah... the controls can be a bit awkward. try moving with the keyboard and see if that helps