Reviews for "TinyRPG"

It is a good game

9/10 cause it is very basic and not too intuitive.

The bow doesn't shoot straight, armor doesn't seem to help much

HUGE map, Lots of item selections, Easy to play from the get-go

LunaDrift responds:

yeah... the bow is a bit crazy


i eventually got stuck in a three somehow at level 7 without any monsters near me to kill me.. but still i like it so I'll give it a 9 and a 4

LunaDrift responds:

if you get stuck you can save and refresh and click continue.

sorry about that!

I gotta say

I really liked the game, but at one point it became pretty boring.
But you did make in two weeks, I give you that! It was a pretty fun game to play.

P.S. When I got the Golden Pan's Flute, all of the enemies started dying on the map!! I don't know what's with the glitch, also my mace had a lot longer range than it used to have...

LunaDrift responds:

whoa man.. that pan flute sounds wicked. what was it meant to do? i can't remember. had this sitting on my drive for a while. and yes... 14 days it took.

i get bored after a while too.... i didn't put much time into keeping the player interested with new rewards... cause i don't have time. i think there is a good 30 mins of fun... but it tends to drag on.

thanks for your feedback. almost time for bed

Nice game

The game actually is very addicting, I wasn't expecting the "reward" though


its good but i killed everything and got everything from the shop and cleard all the black fror the map and i still cant find out how to win