Reviews for "TinyRPG"

Very well done!

this game is pretty much awesome good job! :)

Massive game.

Map was insanely huge. Great game.

PS. Boomerang was awesome.

LunaDrift responds:

yeah... i think it's worth 3k lol

:D nice game

Nice game alot of fun my only problem is... i almost had every item then i shut the game and when i came back it idint save my game :( ...meh... anyways nice game id like to see more of your work :)

Great game!

It would have been even better with a good storyline.


I found it... fun. Can't really give you any suggestions that haven't already been addressed, but here's some glitches I found:

-save feature is messed up. Loading gives the player's weapon infinite range/ enemies die before they show up on the map.

-occasionally got stuck inside of ferns.