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Reviews for "Greek & Wicked"


its awesome.it has characters from god of war (kratos & hydra) and the aegean sea.even it has those time stop things or whatever they are called.y god of war cant work so its nice to have a flash game just like it. :D

Thumbs up :)

That's a great mix... Mister game and watch & God of War :) Magnificent xD^^


illuminate, that's the point.

Nice retro game.

This was a swell little game you made,it was like a fusion between a Mr.Game & Watch game (or Tiger handheld) and the God of War game with the Hydra boss fight which was cool,the controls were real responsive and though there wasn't much to do it was still fun while it lasted and looked vintage,great job.

loved it

this game is good and 2 all the dumb asses that say it needs better graphics you are retarded it is supposed to look like an old game and watch game.