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Reviews for "Greek & Wicked"

i found the secret button.

great game.i founf secret button ~ i think its a version.

liked it

its really addictive.. i didn't expect that from a game like this.. good job!


PRETTY KICK ASS!, you really managed to get that simple yet so entertaining (and addictive) feeling the game & watch had,really good game...


Game over, again!

Ah, man. I love this.
It takes me back to the days before the first gameboy.
Game & Watch style games with the bleepy sound effects and the choice between two game-modes.
Seeing a good, popular game being remade this way was actually quite refreshing and original.
The controls were flawless, the game itself was challenging.
(I still haven't managed to beat the hydra seven times in a row, but it's the genuine frustration it creates that is part of the charm of the whole thing, if you ask me.)

In short:
Charming sound effects and graphics.
Fluent controls and gameplay.
Interesting depth through messages in between levels.
Challenging story mode and additional mode keeps you coming back for more.

Worth a 9.
Had to mark you down for making me rage so much.

God DAMN it.

(I'm never able to be brief. And for that, I apologise."

SwingSwing responds:

Oh, don't apologise :) We like reading interesting review, so thank you.
Killing the hydra 7 times in a row is quite challenging but not impossible.

Best graphics ever.

This is one of these games that needs to be sold in stores, not the horrible shit like Red Dead Redemption, Bad Company 2, or Lost Planet 2.

SwingSwing responds:

We love "little" games but we love Red Dead Redemption too :)