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Reviews for "Greek & Wicked"

horrable bad grahpics

it sucked it basically was like a game you would find out of a happy meal


I really don't get who this game is "attacking" it's just a god of war parody in game and watch style. Some of you people are way too sensitive.
The game itself was....pretty boring.


how do u even win this game?

SwingSwing responds:

By playing.

good game, but that's a horrible message.

the game is fine to me, but it makes me angry that you attack anyone through a game. Blog it somewhere but don't try to assault me with ideas when i am enjoying a game.

SwingSwing responds:

We attack nobody with this game... And we will not stop putting messages in games if we want to. We dont' think games are only made for pure fun and hilarity.

this is...

all you do is hit the monsters with two things you f***ing @sshole!