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Reviews for "Greek & Wicked"


this game rly sucks its just a man who kills some snakes.... when u kill boss u have to kill it again and again wtf man

SwingSwing responds:

Would you prefer the "man" to kill badgers ? or mushrooms ?

It's simple but hard

Where's the end of this game?

Burn the stumps!!

in the myth of hercules slaying the hydra he actually had his nephew running around behind him burning the stumps of the heads he cut off so that they wouldn't grow back...the nephews name was Iolaus... i'm a mythology buff.


Reminds me of my childhood ;)
I think the difference between old and new games is, beside the better graphx, that todays games always "HAVE TO BE" in 3D and are less creative.
Be hones to yourself: in modern days not much is left of good old Commodore-creativity.

Oh, and a bit more hint what to do in this game would be cool.

SwingSwing responds:

Oh, we are not that pessimistic :)
Modern games are great too, and some are really creative.


Preety decent like the idea, I found a glitch where I waited in front of one of the heads then dodged, the head went down and attacked it with the long chain thingy and its glitched. Anyways pretty okay but don't know what to do.