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Reviews for "Greek & Wicked"


what the hell do you have do on the first bit. I don't even get this game...

Nice reinvision

of a game and watch. there realy should be some flash movies dedicated to him lol.

It is true that the heads of the Hydra grew back..

..but Hercules battled the Hydra and cut off its central head, which was mortal, and with his great strength buried it under a rock. ....not that I'm suggesting we cut off the central head of capitalism, not really sure what that would be...CEO of ?Halliburton perhaps? I'm just stating mythological history. Great retro GoW1 remake nonetheless.

SwingSwing responds:

It's good to read about mythology :)
Thanks a lot for your review !

Great minds think alike?

Wow, man - awesome recreation! Love the QTEs, nice touch ;) I never thought I'd see someone else think of a Game & Watch: God of War concept.. check out mine!

http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /493615 (remove any spaces newgrounds might automatically insert in that url, of course)

Excellent, excellent work retro-fying Kratos!

SwingSwing responds:

Hey, hi Holmfry :)
I saw it a year ago then totally forgot it. Your game is closer to a Game & Watch gameplay than ours :) We like it a lot.
Thanks for your message !

Lol'd HARD at "Capitalism Reborn"

Game itself is, of course, not that great but I liked the political commentary. Nice work on that.