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Reviews for "Greek & Wicked"

LOL and Awesome!

That was fun and funny at the same time. The Hydra battle from the begining of God of War 1 was a perfect idea to make into a game and watch game. Also, I was pleasantly suprised by the timed-button finishers. That was definitely awesome. Nice job!


On level 1, I stood in front of the dragon thing and when it went to attack, i moved and attacked but i froze and had to restart...

SwingSwing responds:

Ok, we'll try to look at this possible glitch.
Thanks a lot !

Notice to dimwits..

Not a bad game for a PARODY, that's right people... it's not meant to be original. It's meant to make fun of an idea, and the idea was to make a Game and Watch mini-game in the likeness of a level of God of War.

So, now you have been informed.

good job

i like the diffrent take with the game and watch games the only down side is it is hard to time when your supposed to avoid the monseters but a really good job you should do a nother one like this

How to nueture a simple concept for a game...

I really do like the concept behind this game. A sort of retro- flashback to those 1980 hand held game devices. And the God of War infusion in it worked great. However, you really fucked something that could have been really good, by impregnating the game with viral Mochi ads that render the game almost unplayable on my computer. For such a simple game, freeze ups and stutters should not even be an issue. But by intentionally doing this, it only reflects badly upon you, and a reason why I can't, consciously, give you a higher score for it.

SwingSwing responds:

It's our second flash game and it seems many people are against Mochi things.
Next time we'll maybe try to use other solution.
Thanks :)