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Reviews for "Greek & Wicked"


It was sorta cool, but if you were trying make it feel like GoW, you guys failed there.So thats why I gave it a 5.

interesting experiment

To really get a good feel of if the mechanics a the same or different this needs to be longer, at least have a level leading up to the boss. Aside from that its a fun and it seems very little has changed from the previous eras, in regards to boss fights-- at least.

SwingSwing responds:

Play this game : http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /493615 then play ours again, so you'll have a level and a boss fight :)


This game has totally copied God of War, except it is worst than it. It would only be a good game if there were more battles than just a fcking hydra!


In this contemporary age, everything has something to do with capitalism. In fact, the hydra represents the indestructible monster it has become because us, the mass, the consumers. Excelent game.

SwingSwing responds:

You totally understood the link between the hydra and capitalism :)
Thanks for your comment !


.. Epic :D is it a clone of fight from god of war ? :D remembers a good old times with russian handheld "consoles" ;) great game, fresh and nostalgic at the same time :D but could be little longer ;)