Reviews for "Pico PWNS!"


I cannot find words to describe this oh and where the heck did nene get the battle axe and the uzi in a locker, so cool! no-one would ever know!

Pegosho responds:

thanks skull! :)


Pwn much? i think so! dude that was wicked! best vid eva! loved the begining, so funny and the fight was epic! 10/10


ONE OF THE BEST PICO FLASHES I'VE EVER SEEN! the tom fup part kinda suprised me though.....and if u listin closely u hear the "his world" song from sonic! anyway.....all my 5 would be belong to this but i used up all my votes today...but i'll be sure to vote tommarow! 10/10 :)

Pegosho responds:

Thank you my friend! Glad you liked it. ^_^


never new darnell used guns and nene was a chef!

O....M....G....THAT WAS AWESOME!!! ^_^

dude that was one of the best animations i have ever seen!!!!
first it was funny, then it was epic the rest of the time!!! Happy B-Day Tom!!!!
(_\ \
( /_/

Pegosho responds:

Glad you liked it. :)