Reviews for "Pico PWNS!"


i liked every thing :the characters,the music,the animation but the UZI that was in pico's locker wasn't verry good but i liked it


Nice work dude


niiiiiiiiiiiice, TOM FULP

This was a very great movie!

This animation was nicely done. Everything was nicely paced, (although a little slow for my taste) and nicely drawn. The story was complete, the fighting was cool, and the sound / music was good though out the animation.

This was a great "Pico" short I give it a good 9.5. I am taking .5 points off for being a little slow, and for being a little predictable, but this rounds up to a 10. Great animation Pegosho, and I would love for you to do more! 9.5/10


Very epic movie!!!

Pegosho responds:

Thanks Jack! :)