Reviews for "Pico PWNS!"


this was really awesome


Let me begin with saying that this is a very nice animating style, very clean and enjoyably to look at, props! ;]
Now about the animation.
Good job, especially for 20 days of work only.
Nice action scenes and a nice little bonus that TF pops in, nice! ^_^
I personally would have liked a different song and perhaps some voice acting.
But that is my personal liking.
Great job!

pico is awesome but..

its too awesome for me! :(

Yes pico definatly pwns

Wow his world remix YAAAY I LOVE HIS WORLD -- Lol The only problem was that it... DIDNT COME 1ST THIS IS BEST MOVIE EVER!
the only thing that i love that it lacks is a extra or options...
and voices but its still one of the best!

Pretty good.

Lacks a sense of time and sharpness.