Reviews for "Pico PWNS!"

it was good but...

there faces were ugly


That is one awesome flash


im not sure about these pico stuff on here not a huge fan of them either but this this was really great for a person whos not a fan of it u impressed me with this work u did the only thing i found kinda stupid was why didnt the guy in the robot use his other arm to hit pico after the hand was chopped off or at least hit the grenade away i know i know i shouldnt judge but still that bugs me a little but other than that amazing job im giving u top rating

I've been meaning to review this for a while

I'd like to say that this may be one of my favorite pico movies on all of newgrounds. The animation was great, although the one-quarter view walk cycle was a bit choppy, and a few mouth movements looked a tad unnatural.

I simply love all the hidden ng references, like the agnry faic radar, and the NG clouds.


It's only a 5/10, but it has pico.