Reviews for "Attack of the Ubermothers"


One of the best games i've played in a long time!

Arkuni responds:

Really? You need to get out more ^_^


Hey what a awesome game! why did oyur not make cheats in the game or so? it would be then easier for some guys that loose the whole time

Arkuni responds:

Bah. They just need to grow a pair and get into the fight some more :)

It's good

The game is really good. It's pretty simple. Just upgrade the pistol all the way and collect all the masks. Doing that will make you pretty invincible. And of course, once you get the End-Game Bomb and are tired of playing you can use that blow everything to hell.

Arkuni responds:

Big bombs equals great fun. Fact!

loved it,

i love this kind of games, just kill everyone in your way!

Arkuni responds:

Real life should be like that... like cake! Sorry, I'm just entertaining my friend now.

Good game!

But, i liked to if there were more weapons n armor. But still good game. The best thing
was the that final bomb when you explode the whole screen. :)