Reviews for "Attack of the Ubermothers"

difficult challenging..kinda fun

I like the graphics even tho its pixelated I like to refer to it as vivid high quality pixelation.

I beat the game! what pisses me off is the 'uber bitches' giving birth to their moronic sons(which pollute the earth) and I have to be the one to put one between their eyes....not to mention how much i hate it when people say uber....other that its ok

Arkuni responds:

Just think of it as pest-control or late-night-abortion.

its ok.....

but i was expecting more it looks like you put more effort in your lose and begging area than the actul game and ammo and health dont drop enough to keep you alive long enough its a darn shame ther coulde have bine more put in

Arkuni responds:

I didn't put any energy into the pictures, what-so-ever. I had a slave (sorry Jones) doing that for me ^^

Best game on Newgrounds!

My maximum kill is 173! There's a really good technique I recommend, use the SMG and the shotgun together, makes it much more easier!

Arkuni responds:

It's not the best game on Newgrounds, But I respect you for saying it ^^

pretty good

i beat it i got all the masks all the weapons including the end game bomb.
but it did get boring after a wile

Arkuni responds:

Of course. It's not meant to be played forever :)

didn't play

read top

Arkuni responds:

Okay, you got my attention. What do you want?