Reviews for "Attack of the Ubermothers"

SOOoooo CLOOOOOOooooose.

It is a rockin' game but compared to others there are a few kinks that need to be worked out.... like the.... ANIMATION! The animation needs work, and if you can animate the title screen, and You LOSE screen, then you can animate the game the same way! But that's not what REALLY gets to me... No! What really gets to me is that... well... the pistol's fine, and everybodies' mad about how "The pistol is overpowered", but if you were going for, like a Desert Eagle, or Revolvers, maybe a Peacekeeper, then it's perfect, but if you were going for the general pistol... well, then it is overpowering. The machinegun, on the other hand is EXTREMELY underpowered. Go on another site about guns, or the history channel and watch an educational show about guns, for example "Lock n' Load with R. Lee Ermy" and watch something about machineguns, more modern machineguns are DEFINITELY more powerful than the modern pistols. Now... about the Shotgun... it, too is underpowered, modern day shotguns, mainly assault shotguns, are more powerful than machineguns, they should have 30, or 40 damage at least! That's about it for guns, but not it for weapons. I think that if the enemies (AKA: the uberkids) get too close you should defend yourself, and you shouldn't have to waste ammo, my suggestion? Melee weaponary! You should be able to, just bash in the uberkid's heads in (or slice it open) with these examples: (but feel free to make it any melee weapon) Axe! Axes are both strong with chopping and bashing. Sword! Swords have a vertical, and horizontal slash, giving the player the joy of versitilaty. Sword Hilt. This move can knock out the uberkids, also knockin' the power-ups right ou of them! The Side of your gun. This is also versatile for the player, because of gun sizes you can deal petty or IMMENSE amounts of damage. The side of your pistol=petty side of machinegun=powerful side of shotgun= a little better faic dispenser= okay control gas= dangerously lethal to you and enemy (because of gas) Bazooka: IMMENSELY POWERFUL!!! Last, but not least I want to know were the remote C--4 and grenades are! I mean... yeah you do have a bomb, and bazooka, but you need grenades! Grenades are in almost all games with a gun in it, and you should pass on that tradition.
With all of those problems fixed, and suggestions added this game will be doper, more epic, and more addictive! With this in mind, if you do this you'll get a bunch of 10/10s and 5/5s. Good job, though, you have a lot more talent then me! Ahhhh, what the hell! 7/10 and 5/5!

P.S If you could teach me how to create a game to post on Newgrounds, that would be awesome, and teach me how to post it. How you didn't get an award? I don't know, but I think it's pretty damned award worthy, if you ask me!

Arkuni responds:

Really helpful mate.

But please use breaks for your future reviews.
Nobody likes to read though a wall of text.

i like

This is fun and addicting but same time hard

Arkuni responds:

Coke is addicting. You should try coke... don't listen to me. WHO SAID THAT?!

difficult challenging..kinda fun

I like the graphics even tho its pixelated I like to refer to it as vivid high quality pixelation.

I beat the game! what pisses me off is the 'uber bitches' giving birth to their moronic sons(which pollute the earth) and I have to be the one to put one between their eyes....not to mention how much i hate it when people say uber....other that its ok

Arkuni responds:

Just think of it as pest-control or late-night-abortion.

+ or -

Poderia ser melhor mais ta super legal !

Very good

Fun and nifty game

The graphics were very impressive on this game, i dont play alot of games on here as i watch more movies, but this was some pretty good graphics and ran pretty smooth with the whole game itself, anyways nice job there with the graphics, this was an ok game could have allowed for being able to shoot more stuff some stuff seemed kinda lacking, so that could be something you could work on, This game tended to get hard, but there was also ways to work on other stuff, so all and all it was a fun game. it really thrived on graphics which i thought was the best part of it all so nice job indeed, I really like the slow motion option it was a neat little feature so props there, but again awsome job on graphics, and really neat game could use a few fixes like easier mode maybe you could make other nifty features like the the slow motion i thought that was a pretty impressive idea, so go with it and make it even better, anyways good game here i had fun with it.

add more of the slow motion feture, and maybe an easier portion of the game would be nice.

A fun game could use some fixes and more fetaures but it was pretty fun game overall