Reviews for "Pixelknight II"

Simple game hampered by balance issues

As a longtime fan of action platforming, this is my kind of game. Nothing but you, weapons you materialize from nowhere to fly off, random treasure you'd think people would think to guard better, and monsters to hit with flying swords. The platforming works pretty well outside some sliding problems and some dickish leaps of faith. There was never a jump I felt was unreasonable to make, even if some of them required a look after exploding from the shock of falling down a pit.

The enemies are reasonably challenging without being overwhelming. The gorgons would be an exception to this if you didn't only ever run into about one at a time with maybe some help from a skeleton.

The only problem, and an unfortunately glaring one, is the weapons. Having a variety of weapons is a great idea. It keeps gameplay fresh and allows the player to go at challenges in various ways. However, to do this effectively, the weapons all need to be properly balanced. The falchion and the bow are the only weapons worth the time it takes to open the treasure chest they come in.

The crossbow is the second most reasonable but broken by the enemies having a frame of invincibility. Firing two shots in rapid succession would help to bring down an enemy twice as fast, but any enemy you'd want to do that with is invincible as the second bolt passes through it and into obscurity limiting the usefulness of the crossbow to when a weaker enemy is directly behind a slightly stronger enemy, and event that happens very rarely.

The boomerang is sad. The low rate of fire that comes with most your weapons is a sting most felt here as it compounds the horrible range. While a lot of enemies don't have ranged attacks, fighting against one that does with the boomerang requires precision timing just to not get shot before firing off a boomerang of your own only to come up a pixel or two off as the enemy closes in and dry humps you to death.

Still, leading the pack of better left in the bargain bin weapons is the axe. The arc the axe travels in so that it hits one precise spot on the ground makes it practically worthless for ground based foes, the type that makes up about 60% of the enemies in the game. The moment they get inside the arc, your only recourse is to run desperately away in an attempt to get them back to that sweet spot, but being a precision platformer, you often end up just running into a pit or wall of spikes or other enemy. I presume the idea was to have an anti-air weapon, but the poor range that even the boomerang outclasses combined with that every enemy tries to get directly in front of you in a way that takes the air out of a lot of aerial enemies makes the axe less worthwhile than the knife.

I know it's tempting to fall back on saying that if I don't like a weapon to just not get it, but if I'm going out of my way to avoid power-ups as though they're as dangerous as the human sized spikes, it might be worthwhile to recheck their usefulness.

The only other issue I could level against it is the ads between continues. I'm fully sympathetic to wanting to get a little money out of your projects, but it's obnoxious, flow breaking, and obnoxiously flow breaking so much so that I'm less interested in playing the game again making me see the ads less overall anyway.

good game

reminds me of castlevania


Super fun game with great controls... however its really laggy for me. Maybe its cuz im running it with Chrome or maybe its just my computer being crappy... either way I hope this gets front paged :D

Very Fun Game

I liked this game a lot. It has good music for the levels. The Difficulty level is just right. The background moves when you move. Also its not to short or to long. A lot more things i would like to say about this game but ill sum it up with a 5/5

(Also if i some how doubled post i am sorry i left a review on here all ready but it did not show up >.>)


this is a really great game.
best one ive seen in the portal over the past few days.

what i liked:
the weapon variety
the enemies follow you (smart enemies)
it was very smooth.

what i didn't like:
im not sure if the super mario world foreground is a bad thing or a good thing... i would have liked to see extra creativity with that.

overall great game