Reviews for "Pixelknight II"

nice game

TheKing213 yeah and its super

Weapon Guide


Shuriken. Flies in a bit of an arc so you can hit things slightly above you, but travels straight enough so that you can actually hit things in front of you. Also fires really fast.


Axe is okay because your momentum controls the arc, but when you're standing still, not too impressive. May be able to hit hard to reach places, but makes normally easy places to reach hard to reach places. :P Fires relatively fast.

Crossbow, two shots one after the other. Too bad the enemy can't take two hits that fast, so the second arrow passes right through if the first hits. Okay for crowds, not so hot on strong enemies.

Falchion. Fires as slow as the knife, but it's large and passes through every destructible object in its path until it hits a wall. Fairly large range means less aiming needed, but it may get in the way if you're trying to hit something and the blade smacks against a nearby edge.

Bow. Fires a shot forward and one low diagonal. Okay, but many enemies will not actually fall in the range of the second shot.

Knife. Default weapon, tosses a knife forward. Not too fast, not too slow, it's okay but not spectacular.


Boomerang. Fires fast, comes back to you, but then it is ruined by its really small range and the fact that the boomerang doesn't actually pass through enemies like the Zelda games, making it just a really short range weapon. Bleh. The boomerang follows your height when you jump, but there's not much application for this ability.

Orb. Operates like a normal shot, but it sticks to walls. Useful if you're fighting something that crawls on the wall. What's that? Oh, right, NO ENEMIES DO THAT. At least none I saw. If there's a use for this, I'd like to know.


First game was fairly fun, this one I think was better.
I did NOT like how easy it was to accidentally pick up terrible weapons.
I found I loved the falchion, then I tried the orb and thought it sucked. Lucky me I found another falchion, then I got hit just as I opened a box, forcing me into the orb again. BOO!
Too many of the weapons were either useless or actually BAD to use (axe).
The speed of the character was not enough to keep up with the enemies in order to make many of the other weapons worthwhile.

Not exactly the Sword game eh

Good old Classic oldschool music

the game play was kinda wierd..

The idea of weapon upgrade was kinda wierd.. its like you get a random weapon which can be worse or better..

Also this is the first game ive seen jumping zombies..

i kinda dislike this game pretty much =/


I really enjoyed PixelKnight II more than I enjoyed the first one. You did a very nice job on this one. The variety in weapons and monsters really kept things from getting boring.